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Evolve Research is a qualitative research consultancy. We view market research as a systemic, objective collection and analysis of data about a particular target market, competition, and/or environment.

With markets throughout the world becoming increasingly more competitive, market research is now on the agenda of many organizations, both large and small. Our goal is to provide proactive and considered solutions and strong creative guidance to enable brands and organi- zations to both realize and optimize their potential.

Our success is built on open minded and insightful thinking. Our working style favors close teamwork with clients who need a premium product in today’s ever more pressurized environment.

Our principle areas of expertise are FMCG, Food & Beverages, Personal & Health Care, Fashion, Clothing & Apparel, Retail, Pro- cessed Foods, Financial Services, Pub- lishing, Media and Telecommunications to name a few.
We employ only the best people and draw on experience from varied backgrounds – in marketing, research, retail and financial services to produce work which is striking and different.

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